Collaboration Tools
A wiki is software that allows users to easily create, edit, and link pages together. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites. (Wikipedia, 2008)

Wikis are being used for collaborative projects. Here are some good examples from the MSU classes that I teach.
A Wiki on Wikis
Podcasting Wiki
Differentiated Instruction for Multiple Intelligences

Here is a PowerPoint tutorial created Jennifer Dorman on how to create a Space on Wikispaces. wikispaces-tutorial3403.ppt

Google Docs and Spreadsheets Create an account and begin collaborating with your students and staff. You can start from scratch or import a document and begin working on it in "real time" with others. The spreadsheet component allows you to enter formulas and create simple charts. It also has a new form feature. You create the form and it generates a url which you send to people to fill out the form.

Zoho Zoho has its own suite of collaboration tools.

Buzzword Adobe has purchased Buzzword. It is an online word processor which allows you to collaborate with others similar to Google Docs. Only one person can edit at a time, but numerous people can view the document in "real time".

Voice Thread
Upload your video content and create a narration with it. People can comment and discuss the content.