Welcome to my Web 2.0 Wiki.

What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 is the network as platform, spanning all connected devices; Web 2.0 applications are those that make the most of the intrinsic advantages of that platform: delivering software as a continually-updated service that gets better the more people use it, consuming and remixing data from multiple sources, including individual users, while providing their own data and services in a form that allows remixing by others, creating network effects through an "architecture of participation," and going beyond the page metaphor of Web 1.0 to deliver rich user experiences. Tim O'Reilly, 2005

The key is to effectively integrate Web 2.0 tools into the curriculum. Some sites are blocked by districts and you should always explore the tool before using it with students. All sites require a login and password and most often an email address to receive a confirmation/activation email. So this poses an issue for schools who do not allow students to check their email at school or for those students who do not have valid email addresses. Many of the sites are now providing ways for teachers to create accounts to use with their students.

First teachers need to decide on the lesson objectives, goals and desired outcomes for the curriculum standard that they are teaching. Elementary and middle school teachers will follow the GLCEs(grade level content expectations) and high school teachers will use the HSCEs(high school content expectations). At the same time teachers should also be meeting the METS(MIchigan Educational Technology Standards) and the Standards for the 21st Century Learner skills.

Teachers then need to decide which tools should be used to ehance the lesson. The tools could include materials from the library, hardware, software, and Internet sites. Rubrics and guidelines need to be established also for the lesson or project.

Hardware set-ups which have become very valuable for both the classroom and library are a computer, data projector, document camera, and interactive whiteboard. Ideally each student will also have access to a computer with Internet access.

The Wiki is divided up into categories and I have listed tools that I have used or have read good reviews about them. Have fun exploring!